The Wacky Cake Heaven is a home based business concept that has been tried & tested. We supply that all important “Birthday Cake” , uniquely designed wedding cakes, our new addition Nappy/Tea Towel cake, which is individually crafted to meet our customer’s needs, but most importantly, we supply cakes & accompaniments for all functions. The business is adaptable according to your own needs, in that, you can specifically supply cakes only , or cater , organise & provide for the whole function. Your earning potential is limitless. We also host ‘Create-a-Wacky Cake Heaven’ birthday parties for our little Angel’s! We teach the little one’s to create their own little ‘heavenly pieces’, by icing their own cupcakes/cakes & they get to take their ‘heavenly pieces’ home with them to show off! Education & FUN all in one!!!

Cand wedding cake

The kids just LOVE our tastefully delicious cakes!