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Master Franchise Opportunity for UK/Ireland & various International options available!





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***Free edible image Printer set-up included in the ‘Starter-Kit’ with the complete Basic Cake Franchise option for all NEW Franchisee’s ~ Signed & Paid for ~ OR a 100 piece cupcake/cake decorating set with the Cupcakes/Cake pops Franchise option.***


Amazing Opportunity to own the Grand Master Franchise for the British Isles & Europe!

Please contact Tracey :



Awesome to have you looking into this new,  exciting & challenging business venture! Bearing in mind, that you can still be with your children, AND work from home, you will also be in a position to generate a moderate CASH income that is purely influenced by the amount of hours you are prepared to invest into your business! There is no need to have any experience, as all training is provided.



Ballerina Theme


Why should I start a The Wacky Cake Heaven business?

In general, it is relevant that today’s MOM’s are forced to go back to work after the birth of their babies, and not many are fortunate enough to start something from home that will provide the second income that is so necessary in today’s economical climate. Our concept of  The Wacky Cake Heaven, has been running for over 9 years, which was derived from a previously successful business, where the sky is the limit.

Being a mother and granny/nanna myself, I strongly believe in the importance of being @ home with the little one’s and since this concept has been tried & tested , we would like to make this challenging & exciting business opportunity available to other mom’s who are also in need of generating an extra income. It is a very easy & challenging business to run with no need to waste your profits by carrying loads of  unnecessary stock or  investing  in expensive operating equipment. Your start up costs are ‘tastefully’ minimal in comparison to purchasing any other small business . Our intention is to assist  mom’s to start their own The Wacky Cake Heaven in their designated area. You can decide how much you would like to expand this concept. There are ample opportunities available, all of which we will be explained , should you decide to enquire further. Not only do we bake  deliciously unique cakes, BUT, we also supply edible images for cakes, for those mom’s who prefer to try & bake their own cake. We also bake & design unique wedding cakes, where no suggestion is “silly” or unimportant.  We  assist with your party & wedding  planning ideas & supplies , where possible.Venue  set up – no problem for us either! Besides the delicious cakes that we bake, we also create the most awesome Nappy & Tea Towel cakes, which are created specifically for our customer’s requirements!  ;-)

Dalmation cupcakes


How much would I earn?:

At The Wacky Cake Heaven , we have a guideline charge of £35 for all the shaped, personalised character cakes & £30 for 3 doz personalised cupcakes (muffin size). The quantities  you choose to bake , will depend entirely on your own capabilities & effort, bearing in mind that it is easy to take on more than you can handle! I choose to keep my quantities @ 10 cakes per week , which is a comfortable quota to handle. Obviously,the earning potential is entirely up to you , whether you would like to work until all hours getting your orders out on time! The Wacky Cake Heaven charge £4.50 per edible image excl. postage. Our Nappy / Tea Towel cakes range from as little as £15 upwards.   ;-)


Elephant Cupcakes


How much does this cost?:

Having read thru the overview and  you decide to join our group & open your own The Wacky Cake Heaven in your area, the cost and procedure is simply: ,

1.   We will email your Sales Contract to you.

2.   The  cost per The Wacky Cake Heaven is £750.00, which includes your Start-Up Kit.

3.   A 50% deposit of  £325.00 is required as  security for your area, along with your completed & signed Sales Contract. In fairness, there can only be one The Wacky Cake Heaven per area. The area is defined by a  geographical radius within each County.

4.   The balance of the payment – £375.00,  is due on the dispatch day of your Start-Up Kit. You will be contacted once we are ready to dispatch your goodies.

Go Kart


Is my Start-up Kit worth it?: You be the judge!

  • 5 Shaped Cake tins (eg. Hanna Montana, Spiderman, Batman, Strawberry Shortcake, My little Pony etc.)
  • 1 Rectangular cake pan – for edible image cakes (Photo’s/Picture’s)
  • 5 pkts Sponge Mix
    3 pkts Icing Sugar
  • Printer – for edible images, software for edible printer set-up << UK/Europe &Ireland
  • Edible Inks <<<
  • Icing Sheets <<<
  • Jel icing colours
  • 250 Colour businesscards
  • 1x Magnet car door advertising board
  • Operating Manual – incl: Marketing tips etc.
  • Initial Training – DVD
  • A The Wacky Cake Heaven email address & personal webpage!
  • Advertising on our website
  • And our continued back-up, assistance , support & advice.
    Edible Image Printing ONLY Franchise:

    Set up cost £475.00 This includes: Printer, edible image sheets, edible inks for printer, 250 Business cards, Car magnet, personal webpage , a The Wacky Cake Heaven email address & our continued back up support.
    Cupcake/Cake Pops ONLY Franchise:

    Start up cost  £360.00. This includes: Starter kit, muffin pans, cake pops pan, accessories, email address, webpage, business cards, car magnets & our continued back up support.


In overview, ….bearing in mind the  benefits of starting your own The Wacky Cake Heaven, you could try something else on your own, however, it’s always  the  deliciously personalised , unique & special cakes that the kids never forget and the wedding cake with a difference made with all our heart’s content! Not forgetting our beautifully created Nappy/Tea Towel cakes that set us apart! Not forgetting our ‘create-a-wacky cake heaven’ parties that the kiddies delight in! <3 We believe,  that it’s  through empowering each other with ideas and networking together that we can all grow and enjoy a successful and fulfilling home business.

A huge “Thank you” for taking the time to enquire , and we look forward to journeying further with you soon!


Sub-Master Franchise Opportunities available!

Basic Franchise Opportunities available!

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