Setting aside the fact that you can still be with your ‘Angels’ and work from home, you will also be in a position to earn a cash income that is solely influenced by the amount of hours you invest into your business venture. We are known for creating ‘a taste simply out of this world’.

 The Wacky Cake Heaven is a home based business concept that has been tried & tested. We create & supply scrumptious Birthday Cakes , uniquely designed wedding cakes, our new addition Nappy/Tea Towel cake, which is individually crafted to meet our customer’s needs, but most importantly, we supply cakes & accompaniments for all functions. The business is adaptable according to your own needs, in that, you can specifically supply cakes only, or cater , organise & provide for the whole function. Your earning potential is limitless.

Our concept of “The Wacky Cake Heaven” has been running for over 9 years, which has been based on a previously successful business, that has blessedly grown enormously!.

There are so many different marketing opportunities within this venture, but to name a few would be: to supply your area play schools, pre-schools, party venues etc & that would be just on the children’s side! There is so much scope to grow within this exciting venture and we are definitely looking at igniting the ‘spark’ within you!

At The Wacky Cake Heaven, we certainly understand that in today’s financial climate, it is important for both mom & dad to work, so what better opportunity than to work from home, have FUN & still be with your little ‘Angels’! AND what’s more, we don’t breathe over your shoulder or ask for any of your profits you make! Your earning potential is completely set around your own ‘time management’. We do however, ask for a small monthly contribution towards general advertising, constant back-up and sundries, which equates to R200 per month.

If you were to consider any other business for sale, you would find that our ‘start up’ costs are ‘tastefully’ low in comparison to others. 8-).  Our intention is to assist other moms/dads/granny’s  to start their own “The Wacky Cake Heaven” in their area.  The choice is completely yours with regards expanding your business.  There are various joining levels available to suit your own needs and financial status.

About Us:

Kids just love our scrumptious cakes!

The Wacky Cake Heaven:

is about empowering women (or men) with ideas & networking together, so that we can all grow and enjoy a successful and fulfilling home business.

It’s about a concept that has been tried & tested by myself and many other Franchisees and about having FUN while we work & earn. It’s about happy families & children.

It’s about a challenge where the sky is the limit!  & your time is managed by you!  You know your own limits & capabilities!

Our unique ‘niche’ is that we prefer to design the cake for you, regardless of the occasion! We thrive on our creative abilities. Each & every customer is special & unique to us. Wedding cakes with a difference are our ultimate challenge! We create Nappy/Tea Towel cakes like no other!

Is this Viable?

As a basic guideline with regards your earning potential, The Wacky Cake Heaven charge R300.00 per basic character cake. If the cake needs to be specifically designed for your customer, then the charge is in accordance with the work involved. 8-). The same price is charged for an edible image cake, where the icing picture is designed onto the cake for the customer. Our muffin sized cupcakes are charged at R80.00 per dozen. The cost to bake & supply the cake will be approx: R50, which leaves you a profit of R250.00 per basic cake order. The cupcakes will cost approx: R10 to bake & supply, which will leave you with a profit of R70.00 per cupcake order. So, to summarise on the baking side ~ most orders would be for a cake as well as cupcakes, which would be structured as follows:

R300 – R50 = R250.00 profit

R80 – R10  = R70.00 profit

Your very first order would likely give you a profit of R320.00 . Even if cupcakes weren’t ordered, you would still receive R250.00 profit on your first order. If you only bake x5 cakes a week, your profit would be R1250.00 for having FUN and blessing others!, as well as being able to stay @ home with your little ‘Angel/s’. 😎

To supply / create a nappy or tea towel cake, we charge from R300.00 onwards. This would cost you approx R40.00 depending on the customer’s needs. Once again, your profit margin would be around R250/60 per nappy cake order & apart from the FUN you would have creating this unique item, it takes you half the amount of time to create/prepare! What an amazing way to earn a living! 😎


 Basic area Franchise = R8500.00

This includes a Start Up Kit.

Start Up Kit Contents:

As we are aware of the basic needs required to start your own The Wacky Cake Heaven business, we have included the following items in your start-up kit:

  • 5 Shaped Cake Tins
  • Rectangular shaped cake pan – for edible images
  • Sponge Cake Mix x5, Icing Sugar x5, Cake Boxes x5, cake boards x5
  • Jel icing colours
  • Nozzles
  • Piping Bags
  • Adaptors
  • Your own colour business cards x250
  • Email address –
  • Magnetic car door sign
  • Operating Manual, with ideas and suggestions to assist you in your new home run business.
  • Training/instructions for creating nappy cakes.
  • Initial Training – baking, icing & nappy cakes.
  • And most importantly, our continued backup, assistance and advice.
  • A “The Wacky Cake Heaven” email address
  • Advertising on our website.
  • Your own The Wacky Cake Heaven webpage

At The Wacky Cake Heaven ~ we offer you the opportunity to be your own boss ~ to work from home ~  whilst still being able to be involved in your little ‘Angel’s’ daily lives and most importantly, to reach for the stars & to attain your dreams! If you can dream it – you can achieve it!



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